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About Angel Child

Angelchild is a social enterprise dedicated to help children with autism integrate into society and the workplace. We believe deeply that everyone deserves equal opportunity and respect, regardless of whether they have autism or not. Therefore, we are based on promoting healthy food, while providing and developing opportunities for people with autism to integrate into social work.

As a social enterprise, our goal is not only to make a profit, but more importantly, to make a positive contribution to society. We use 80% of sales proceeds to help autistic children to find employment in Hong Kong.  By providing them with training and job opportunities.  We hope to help them to develop their skills & talents, and realize their career dreams.

We use family-style recipes in our production to ensure that the food we produced is healthy and harmless.  We adhere to the principles of less oil, less sugar & less salt, and no preservatives are added.  We believe that good eating habits are vital to everyone's health, especially for people with autism. By providing healthy food, we hope to provide them with nutritionally balanced choices to promote their physical and mental health.

However, our mission goes beyond providing healthy food, we are also committed to promote social awareness and acceptance of people with autism.  We hope to break down the prejudices and misunderstandings about autistic people and make the public more aware of their abilities and potential. People with autism have normal social and work abilities just like everyone else. By providing employment opportunities, we hope to change the public's perception of them,  encourage more people to understand and support them.

Angelchild’s vision is to create a society of tolerance, understanding and acceptance. We believe that by promoting healthy food and providing employment opportunities, we can create a better future for children with autism. We encourage everyone to join us in supporting our mission and working together to provide help and support for the social inclusion of children with autism.

Thank you for your attention and support to  Angelchild